[asterisk-ss7] jitterbuffer problem

marek cervenka cervajs at fpf.slu.cz
Wed Jun 23 02:25:41 CDT 2010

for the record

with static jitter buffer it's ok

jbenable = yes
jbimpl = static

the problem is somewhere in adaptive jitter buffer implementation

nobody using jb in libss7 or chan_dahdi?

> i'm testing 1.6.2.x asterisk with chan_ss7 1.4.1.
> there is problem with jitterbuffer enabled in chan_ss7.
> i cannot send fax. without jitter buffer it is ok.
> do you know what changed between asterisk 1.4 and 1.6 in jitter buffer code?
> are you using jitter buffer enabled in libss7 without problems?
> is there someone who can look at jb problem as paid contract? (netfors is 
> very busy now)

Marek Cervenka

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