[asterisk-ss7] sip and libss7

dinesh bansal dinesh.bansal2008 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 02:57:52 CDT 2010

Hi regarding this,

I receive the calls form sip then forward it to ss7 can this help you ? as
there is no need to release the channel.

;Set Group
exten =>_NXXXXXXXXX,2,GotoIf($[${GROUP_COUNT()} > ${VOIPMAX}]?103)
exten =>_NXXXXXXXXX,3,Dial(dahdi/g1/${EXTEN})
exten =>_NXXXXXXXXX,4,Hangup
exten =>_NXXXXXXXXX,103,Hangup

On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 4:05 AM, Jorge Valencia <jvalencia at chile.com> wrote:

>  Hi guys,
> i need to work out on something to do the following
> receive a call from pstn to asterisk+libss7 and then send it to a SIP IVR,
> some calls need to be redirected to pstn, so i dont know how to release the
> channel between SIP IVR machine and Asterisk, is there a way to do it
> without reprogramming libss7 or asterisk stack?
> Regards
> Jorge Valencia Gallardo
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