[asterisk-ss7] TCAP over VPN?

Charl Barnard charl at molo.co.za
Tue Jul 13 20:01:30 CDT 2010

> Which at least partially explains the lower cost... there aren't any
> circuits involved.

I'm always interested to hear why people say this: fundamentally, TDM is a
lot simpler than IP, isn't it? Medium access control trivialized, way fewer
overheads-they only reason IP used to be lower-cost was that you could
access the medium inexpensively with Ethernet cards; Digium's changed that
with their digital interface boards, haven't they? If Digium E1/T1 boards
were sold in the volumes Ethernet interfaces were, I guess we'd pay less
than $5/port, right?

I always suspected the Big Transition to IP was more vendor push than
operator pull, so I'm keen to hear why a sharp guy like Kevin would reckon
that TDM is inherently more expensive than IP ..

(Apologies if slightly off-topic, but this argument crops up again and



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