[asterisk-ss7] TCAP over VPN?

Joe Freeman joe at ngn-networks.com
Tue Jul 13 13:42:00 CDT 2010


I've recently been looking at TCAP services from both my A-link provider 
and another, very large, company. The proposal from the very large 
company came back with relatively good rates as compared with the 
incumbent A-link provider. However (there's always one), their proposal 
is predicated on my using TCAP over VPN.

I've never heard of TCAP over VPN, and my signaling gateway/controller 
vendor says they haven't either. So I'm looking for whatever information 
I can find.

My purpose for asking here is that I'm wondering if this is possible 
with Asterisk, and if I can use Asterisk with lib-ss7 or similar to 
create a translation device from which I could translate TCAP over VPN 
to legacy TCAP on A-links for connection to my switch.


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