[asterisk-ss7] ISUP over IP

Krzysztof Drewicz krzysztofdrewicz at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 16:20:35 CDT 2010

> use).
> No you couldn't. The 56k link uses FISUs when there's nothing to say, so
> when you throw in IP and PPP overhead you won't even be able to align
> your link.

Yes i could: I don't use FISUs, i don't put any signaling in TDM, i just put
there a PPP on let's say TS16 and in that PPP there is IP, so there is
SIGTRAN, so my link has 64k and it's aligned, right? (not that this is a
clear way, and anyone should use this, just a thought) .

> But no, I don't want my data network to engage in fate sharing with my
> voice network. There's no such thing as critical DNS traffic when you
> compare it to how critical a IAM is, especially if it's for something
> like an E911 call.

Ok, USA E911, i say European 112. If you have your private exchanges and you
are linked with 2 Mbps classic links, well it's cost saving. Just a thought
what _could_ be done, ok?


> On Asterisk , SS7 is free.

On Asteriski, there is a free SS7 for voice, and there are some commercial

> On my "real" switch, it was such a small part
> of the cost they don't itemize it.

On some switches vendor does say how much is SS7, or is it licensed for
every signaling link etc..

> So why try to add complexity to a network critical part of your network?

Just cost-saving. If you have budget for DS3 then, well asterisk is not for
you, right?

> My SS7 is built into my DC powered switch.

And how often you train your batteries? -48Vdc is fine for me, it's normal
for me. Got it in every single rack cabinet.

> Adding IP in that would let me put it over my
> AC powered data network,

AC<>DC, there are power inverters, and to my knowledge, some vendors use
230Vac (110 in your parts) powered servers for example for billing with
doubled inverters. Also: my beautiful switch gives  me 802.3af (to ip
phones) and it has double AC power and batteries.

> convergence issue, or there's not a DDoS on my data network,

No, no no, i say: point to point IP link.

> So what's the argument for SS7 over IP again?
No budget for DS3.
Easy to debug and to dump.
SS7 over ip is being *used* by many high shelf level vendors internally in
ss7 switches, no point in translating into a SS7 over TDM, and on the other
end of the wire, TDM to IP.

And by the way: i don't force anyone to use it, I just see some advantages.

Ok, it's asterisk list, so EOT as for me, if you whould like to exchange
some more arguments please go off-list, ok?
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