[asterisk-ss7] Compiling chan_ss7 with Asterisk

Gregory Massel greg at csurf.co.za
Sun Jan 24 10:35:59 CST 2010


I can compile chan_ss7 1.3 cleanly against Asterisk 1.4.29, however, get the 
following errors when compiling against Asterisk

l4isup.c: In function âss7_writeâ:
l4isup.c:2400: error: request for member âptrâ in something not a structure 
or union
l4isup.c: In function âsetup_cicâ:
l4isup.c:4595: warning: implicit declaration of function 
make: *** [l4isup.o] Error 1

I get the exact same errors if I try compile chan_ss7 1.2.1 rather than 1.3.

Can anyone please advise what I'm doing wrong or if this is a compatibility 
issue between chan_ss7 and Asterisk


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