[asterisk-ss7] Invalid format for phonenumber ''.

Yoherman yoherman at telkom.co.id
Wed Feb 17 21:39:04 CST 2010

Hi all,

anyone have experience with this problem for redirecting number :

[Feb 18 10:29:05] NOTICE[10391]: l4isup.c:1955 isup_send_iam: Invalid 
format for phonenumber ''.
[Feb 18 10:29:05] WARNING[10391]: l4isup.c:2065 ss7_call: SS7 call 
failed, addr= CIC=74. linkset 'siuc'

this case for 5ESS, for EWSD it's ok and normal. My friend at telco said 
they sent complete digits.

Best Regards,
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