[asterisk-ss7] chan_dahdi does not compile with libss7

Johann Steinwendtner steinwendtner at gmx.net
Fri Feb 5 07:06:22 CST 2010

Hello !

I was trying to compile asterisk with libss7 support. However it
seems that chan_dahdi is not compatible.

I obtained libss7 according to doc/ss7.txt from:


There is a definition of:
int isup_blo(struct ss7 *ss7, struct isup_call *c);

however in chan_dahdi.c there is something like:

isup_blo(linksets[linkset-1].ss7, linksets[linkset-1].pvts[i]->cic, linksets[linkset-1].pvts[i]->dpc);

which is not compatible.

I checked also asterisk trunk which has the same definition.

The chan_dahdi code of
https://observer.router.hu/repos_pub/chan_dahdi/trunk chan_dahdi.c seems to have the correct

Which one is correct ?




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