[asterisk-ss7] Issue with Interconnect

Gregory Massel greg at csurf.co.za
Fri Dec 10 18:33:31 CST 2010

Hi Edrich

To answer your question, yes, chan_ss7 does support STP setups from version 
1.3 upwards.

And both libss7 and chan_ss7 have been used to interconnect with Telkom SA 
although both have different limitations which you may bump into down the 

The messages about the unhandled optional paramaters are probably not a 
deal-breaker. The issue about CIC 6 being unconfigured, on the other hand, 

1. Ensure your CIC numbering matches the other end. It would appear that the 
other end starts with 1; so should you.
2. Check that you haven't confused your defaultdpc and adjpointcode around.

If you still don't come right after that, try chan_ss7. The "stp" setting is 
the one you've been missing. Google for examples.

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Subject: [asterisk-ss7] Issue with Interconnect

> Good day
> I have a setup using a 4 port Digium Card,Asterisk
> My dahdi config looks like so :
> # Span 2: TE4/0/2 "T4XXP (PCI) Card 0 Span 2" HDB3/CCS/CRC4
> span=2,2,0,ccs,hdb3
> # termtype: te
> bchan=32-46,48-62
> mtp2=47
> #echocanceller=mg2,32-46,48-62
> (the other spans are disabled)
> [channels]
> signaling=ss7                    ;this is ss7 signaling
> ss7type=itu                       ;using the ITU variant
> ;ss7_called_nai=dynamic           ;NAI for outgoing calls
> ;ss7_calling_nai=dynamic          ;NAI for incoming calls
> ss7_internationalprefix= ;international prefix value for incoming calls
> ss7_nationalprefix=            ;national prefix value for incoming calls
> ss7_subscriberprefix=            ;subscriber prefix value for incoming 
> calls
> ss7_unknownprefix=              ;unknown prefix value for incoming calls
> ss7_explicitacm=yes
> ss7_explictacm=yes
> group=1
> context=ss7
> linkset=1
> pointcode=720                      ;the point code for this system...aka 
> adjpointcode=1832                   ;the point code for the system
> that we are signaling to... aka APC
> defaultdpc=1368                     ;the point code for the system
> that the CICs will be negotiated with...aka DPC
> networkindicator=national_spare  ;NI value for MTP3
> cicbeginswith=32                  ;the starting value of the CICs
> channel=32-46
> cicbeginswith=48
> channel=48-62                    ;the channels that are CICs
> sigchan=47                      ;the signaling channel
> The Links come up. It seems fine.
> When I make a call to the link I get the following on the asterisk CLI
> Unhandled optional parameter 0x8 'Optional forward call indicator'
> [0x0 ]
> Unhandled optional parameter 0x31 'Propagation Delay Counter'
> [0x0 0x5a ]
> Unhandled optional parameter 0x3f 'Location Number'
> [0x84 0x93 0x72 0x38 0x0 0x10 0x7 0x0 0x0 0x0 ]
> Unhandled optional parameter 0x39 'Parameter Compatibility Information'
> [0x31 0xd0 0x3f 0xc0 ]
> [Dec 10 19:36:12] WARNING[3627]: chan_dahdi.c:11850 ss7_linkset: IAM
> on unconfigured CIC 6
> [Dec 10 19:36:13] WARNING[3627]: chan_dahdi.c:12142 ss7_linkset: RLC
> on unconfigured CIC 6
> It doesnt seem to trigger even the extentions.
> I cant get the Chan_ss7 to work, as My DPC and APC are different(if im
> mistaken please assist, I would gladly try chan_ss7)
> I just need to get the incoming calls working urgently.
> Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
> Kind regards
> Edrich de Lange
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