[asterisk-ss7] Issue with Interconnect

Edrich de Lange edd at edd.za.net
Fri Dec 10 11:41:54 CST 2010

Good day

I have a setup using a 4 port Digium Card,Asterisk,libss7-1.0.2,dahdi-linux-complete-2.4.0

My dahdi config looks like so :

# Span 2: TE4/0/2 "T4XXP (PCI) Card 0 Span 2" HDB3/CCS/CRC4
# termtype: te

(the other spans are disabled)

signaling=ss7                    ;this is ss7 signaling
ss7type=itu                       ;using the ITU variant
;ss7_called_nai=dynamic           ;NAI for outgoing calls
;ss7_calling_nai=dynamic          ;NAI for incoming calls
ss7_internationalprefix= ;international prefix value for incoming calls
ss7_nationalprefix=            ;national prefix value for incoming calls
ss7_subscriberprefix=            ;subscriber prefix value for incoming calls
ss7_unknownprefix=              ;unknown prefix value for incoming calls

pointcode=720                      ;the point code for this system...aka SPC
adjpointcode=1832                   ;the point code for the system
that we are signaling to... aka APC
defaultdpc=1368                     ;the point code for the system
that the CICs will be negotiated with...aka DPC
networkindicator=national_spare  ;NI value for MTP3
cicbeginswith=32                  ;the starting value of the CICs
channel=48-62                    ;the channels that are CICs
sigchan=47                      ;the signaling channel

The Links come up. It seems fine.
When I make a call to the link I get the following on the asterisk CLI
Unhandled optional parameter 0x8 'Optional forward call indicator'
[0x0 ]
Unhandled optional parameter 0x31 'Propagation Delay Counter'
[0x0 0x5a ]
Unhandled optional parameter 0x3f 'Location Number'
[0x84 0x93 0x72 0x38 0x0 0x10 0x7 0x0 0x0 0x0 ]
Unhandled optional parameter 0x39 'Parameter Compatibility Information'
[0x31 0xd0 0x3f 0xc0 ]
[Dec 10 19:36:12] WARNING[3627]: chan_dahdi.c:11850 ss7_linkset: IAM
on unconfigured CIC 6
[Dec 10 19:36:13] WARNING[3627]: chan_dahdi.c:12142 ss7_linkset: RLC
on unconfigured CIC 6

It doesnt seem to trigger even the extentions.

I cant get the Chan_ss7 to work, as My DPC and APC are different(if im
mistaken please assist, I would gladly try chan_ss7)

I just need to get the incoming calls working urgently.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Edrich de Lange

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