[asterisk-ss7] GSM handsets-Voicemail MWI no workie

Amish amish at 3g.co.za
Wed Dec 1 13:36:53 CST 2010

Dear Dale,

The MWI is sent to your GSM/UMTS phone as an SMS. Your phone recognises 
that this is a MWI SMS and sets/clears the icon accordingly.

To implement this function download a copy of kannel. Connect kannel to 
your SMSC via SMPP. When a voicemail is deposited, send an SMS via 
kannel with the MWI set to the users phone. Your can send another SMS 
later to clear the MWI icon when the user accesses their voicemail. For 
more info search for "mwi" in the kannel 1.5.0 userguide.


On 12/01/2010 06:22 PM, Dale McWhorter wrote:
> First Posting
> Hello Friends & Neighbors:
>   I work for a small GSM carrier and recently launched an Asterisk 
> ( configuration (CENTOS5.5) utilizing SS7 (Digium-TE220) to a 
> Nortel XAC wireless switch. Asterisk voice mail was also implemented 
> but soon realized the MWI feature was not functional to GSM handsets, 
> everything else works great. VM-MWI works on soft phones just fine. 
> Has anybody successfully made this work to wireless handasets? We're 
> happy with the performance of our system, maybe we're asking to much. 
> On a working platform a GSM MAP message transaction via E.164 (GMSC to 
> SMSC) is utilized.
> Any Feedback appreciated
> Dale

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