[asterisk-ss7] dahdi 2.3 and CHAN_SS7

Jean Cérien cerien.jean at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 08:26:41 CDT 2010


I am getting strange messages when I use the hardware echo canceller
VPMADT032 on a Digium TE121 with DAHDI 2.3 (ec firmware rev 120) and
CHAN_SS7 1.3

Apr 18 07:59:03 kernel: wcte12xp 0000:05:08.0: VPMADT032 is non-responsive.
Apr 18 07:59:10 kernel: wcte12xp 0000:05:08.0: VPM present and operational
(Firmware version 120)
Apr 18 07:59:19 kernel: wcte12xp 0000:05:08.0: VPMADT032 is reenabled.

These messages repeat several times a day ( 10-15). During the restart, the
audio of the TE121 is lost.

When I downgrade to dahdi 2.2, EC firmware 117, this does not happen.

Any ideas ?


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