[asterisk-ss7] ss7 for CLEC

Mitul Limbani mitul at enterux.com
Thu Mar 19 14:23:04 CDT 2009

Hi Kurt,

SS7 on asterisk have several flavours.

1) chan_ss7 pretty old and known to work but the original dev ain't  
giving in any good updates, but several comm members on this list has  
used / deployed it including myself.(open source)
2) libss7 made by digium open source, but still work in progress, but  
matt from digium and other comm members provide good support on this  ML
3) smg from sangoma works only on sangoma boards+ proprietory and  
commercially supported and also has been deployed in different parts  
of world (works good, but comes with a reasonable price tag)

Apart from the above three I m not aware of any other stack which  
works good on asterisk over SS7.

If you require further help do shoot me an offliner (off the list)

Mitul Limbani,
Founder & CEO,
Enterux Solutions Pvt Ltd,
The Enterprise Linux Company(r),

On 19-Mar-09, at 18:47, Kurt Greener <plainkurt at gmail.com> wrote:

> Is the Asterisk ss7 product stable enough for a small CLEC to use in  
> production? Would you, and do you use it for your central softswitch?
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