[asterisk-ss7] ss7 for CLEC

Matthew Fredrickson creslin at digium.com
Thu Mar 19 11:03:01 CDT 2009

Kurt Greener wrote:
> Is the Asterisk ss7 product stable enough for a small CLEC to use in 
> production? Would you, and do you use it for your central softswitch?

As far as stability goes, I know of at least one person using it on this 
list that had an uptime of greater than 6 months last time I checked 
(and it's probably been 3 or 4 months since I've checked it) handling 
~110,000 calls setups per day.

This was doing SS7<->IAX bridging for voicemail termination, so from a 
stability perspective, that was a stable application.

I think a lot of instability that people can run into with Asterisk is 
caused by use of non-call-switching related features (queues, agents, 
funny applications, etc).  As long as you stick to using it as a call 
switching platform, I have rarely seen huge, unnoticed, stability 
related regressions in that area, and those that do occur are found very 
quickly since the dial plan is probably one of the most tested parts of 
Asterisk :-)

Matthew Fredrickson
Digium, Inc.

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