[asterisk-ss7] A question about optional parameter processing by libss7 code

tian00di00 tian00di00 at live.com
Mon Mar 16 09:30:02 CDT 2009

Hi! all,

When sending GRS, the libss7 function isup_send_message() will NOT include a "pointer to start of optional part" field, I think this does NOT conform to section 2.3 of ITU-T Q.763 which is cited below for convinence of reference.

2.3 Coding of the pointers
The pointer value (in binary) gives the number of octets between the pointer itself (included) and the first octet (not included) of the parameter associated with that pointer. The pointer value all zeros is used to indicate that, in the case of optional parameters, no optional parameter is present.

Is this a bug in libss7? I hope someone will give the information soon.

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