[asterisk-ss7] CIC 17 skipped on CGB

Kaloyan Kovachev kkovachev at varna.net
Fri Mar 6 11:37:22 CST 2009

another problem ...
 when CGB for CIC 1 with range 30 is received CIC 17 remains non blocked and
when a call is attemted it pickups CIC 17 ... then it gets a BLO (for 17)
and when received its is properly put in blocking state.

 The same behavior is on CGB for 17 with range 14 - CIC 17 remains available.
On CGB for 1 with range 14 it properly sets 1 to 15 as blocked.

 When local blocking is requested from cli the status is properly displayed.

in chan_dahdi.conf:

channel => 1-15
channel => 17-31

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