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Well, it's possible to have 2 linksets on the same E1 but on different Time
Slot, and also, each one for different purposes.

For instance, you may have Ts 1-15, 18-31 for ISUP voice traffic, TS 16 for
ISUP signalling, and TS 17 for other protocol such MAP all this in the same
server on the same E1.

But, in any case, the link should go in service up to mtp3 if all data (E1
port, TS, OPC, DPC) are correct.

The problem is not Asterisk. The problem is, Asterisk is receiving
signalling data on the TS assigned for ISUP, in this case it means, on the
Telco side this TS is assigned for another purpose different from ISUP.

I hope, this is useful.

On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 2:37 PM, <research at businesstz.com> wrote:

> I can imagine. The aim of this link is to use for voice communication for
> the call center and add third part application to handle MAP/TCAP for
> location based services on the same e1
> is there a way of making asterisk not to care about sccp and leave that to
> the third part!! I was assuming that the link should come up anyway
> Whats your view
> Sam
> > Sam, the ISUP protocol is used on circuit related comunications, for
> > instace
> > IVR, etc. And, the SCCP proctol is used to transport non circuit related
> > data like, TCAP, MAP, etc.
> >
> > If you're connected to a mobile operator, normally it's for MAP o INAP
> > protocols.
> >
> > Ask the other end, what is the type of connection the linkset will be
> used
> > for.
> >
> > RK
> >
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