[asterisk-ss7] chan_ss7 extrange behavior

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First of all, thanks for the reply.

As i said, im very new in SS7. Anybody knows the reason of the limitation to 7 pris?. In other systems, we have 14 pris (not SS7) working in a system that is exactly as this one with no problems. Anybody knows a solution for this without buy new cards?.

Thank you very much.
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    First of all, excuse me for me poor english

    Im very new in the SS7 protocol and im having a extrange behavior in one of our systems. The system has a A1108 Sangoma card (8 pris) and was working correctly with 7 SS7 pris connected, but when i try to connect the pri 8, all the pris goes down. It seems like it lost the signal channel and no one of the pris goes up. The link appears to be DOWN. If we discconect one of the pris and let the 7 connected that has before ( i have tried with all of them execpt the one who carries the signal) the link goes up and the pris start working. I i connect the 8 pris again, the link goes down again.

  1st thing:

  8 E1 in one box is too big, and your problem was described on some Sangoma Wiki, and extracly, first 7 E1 connections: no problem, 8th is generating a lot of problems.
  Tried to use 2 cards with 4 spans each?

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