[asterisk-ss7] B-number or Original Called Number

Michael Chen michael.bd5rv at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 02:16:20 CDT 2009

Hi, guys,

I set up an asterisk box with a TE410P and connect it to a local
carrier using Dicea's chan_ss7. In my situation, the carrier forwards
calls to several different numbers to a static one to simplify the
routing procedures. I was told that the callee's number (B-number) can
be fetched from IAM message. The chan_ss7 works just fine for voice
connections. However, I have no idea how to obtain the Original Called
Number in asterisk's extensions.conf.  Neither ${CALLERID(dnid)} nor
${CALLERID(rdnis)} works for me.

Any clue?

Michael Chen, BD5RV/4
Email: michael.bd5rv at gmail.com
MSN: bd5rv at jsdxc.org
Skype: michael-bd5rv

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