[asterisk-ss7] SS7 channel variables

Robert Bielik robert.bielik at xponaut.se
Tue Jul 21 08:13:14 CDT 2009

Hi all,

I'm trying to setup a system accordingly: Two SIP softphones are connected to an * ("near side") which in turn is connected
to another * ("far side") via SS7. On the "far side", I've setup an extension to redirect the incoming call (SS7) to the "near side"
* (also SS7).

Works fine, but now I try to check the SS7 parameters, and I'd like to be able to get the redirecting # (=the extension on the far side)

I use *, dahdi 2.2.0, libss7 (svn branch 1.0) and acc. to the libss7 docs (http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/libss7/README-1.0.2)
there are a couple of * variables mapped to SS7 parameters.

"far side" extensions.conf:

exten => 5000,1,Set(_SS7_REDIRECTING_NUMBER=${EXTEN})
exten => 5000,n,Dial(${OUTTRUNK}/1010)

On the "near side" *, I do:

exten => 1010,1,NoOp(all=${CALLERID(all)})
exten => 1010,n,NoOp(rdnis=${CALLERID(rdnis)})
exten => 1010,n,NoOp(dnid=${CALLERID(dnid)})
exten => 1010,n,NoOp(ani=${CALLERID(ani)})
exten => 1010,n,NoOp(ani2=${CALLINGANI2})
exten => 1010,n,NoOp(pres=${CALLINGPRES})
exten => 1010,n,NoOp(SS7_ORIG_CALLED_NUM=${SS7_ORIG_CALLED_NUM})
exten => 1010,n,Dial(SIP/1010)

but the SS7_* variables show nothing...


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