[asterisk-ss7] Help with the 'Location Number'

Matthew Fredrickson creslin at digium.com
Sat Feb 28 10:44:39 CST 2009

research at businesstz.com wrote:
> Hi List
> I need to use ss7 optional parameter 'location number' on 911 (112) call
> centre implementation to determine the location of the calling part as
> passed by the mobile carrier

Hey Sam.

Sorry, I usually try to respond to most emails that nobody else has 
responded to pretty promptly, but of late, I have been pretty swamped at 
work, which has taken most of my time.

> Can someone assist to show how this information can be decoded and used in
> the dialplan.

If you are familiar with C, it's not too difficult.  It involves adding 
support for decoding a new parameter (very easy if you know C, one 
function in isup.c) in libss7.  It also means you have to expose it in 
chan_dahdi.c via a dialplan variable of some sort.  The coding for the 
parameter is in the Q.763 specification.

Could you try to get in contact with me via AIM, Jabber, or MSN?

My contact info is:
AIM: MatthewFredricks
Jabber: creslin at digium.com
MSN: creslin287 at hotmail.com

> Thank you in advance
> Sam
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