[asterisk-ss7] Single Point Code across Multiple * Boxes.

Mehdi Shirazi mahdi_shirazi at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 14 14:29:42 CST 2009

>> Hello.
>> I'm curious if anyone has had asterisk-ss7 working (through whatever
>> magic) across multiple boxes under a single point code.
>> For example;
>> Three asterisk boxes with 4 T1/E1 per box.
>> Box1: PC 101, CIC 1..96
>> Box2: PC 101, CIC 97..192
>> Box3: PC 101, CIC 193..288
>> I don't believe this is currently possible with a stock asterisk-ss7...
>> Any ideas on solutions to making a large quantity of trunks available
>> under a single point code?
>> (In the area of 28-500 T1s worth)
>> An a-link could be made available to each box if necessary.

>I'm actually working on this code right now... :-)

>Matthew Fredrickson
>Digium, Inc.

>Well, to have a fully redundant setup, you would have separate boxes 
>terminating each signaling link.  These routing machines can masquerade 
>ISUP traffic over to other machines via IP protocol based links.  Each 
>of these IP connected boxes has an IP link to each box with a physical 
>signaling link.  If a machine with a physical link goes down, it reports 
>it to the IP links that are hooked up to it and the machines using those 
>IP links use their alternate IP links instead of that link, providing 
>for redundancy in times of link failure.

>There are going to be other problems to think about as well, but I think 
>that the basic logic is sound and will work.

>I actually just got masqueraded ISUP messages passing correctly back and 
>forth over IP, but I still have some technical hurdles as far as what to 
>do as IP links go in and out of service.  This list will definitely know 
>what I have something I'm interested in testing :-)

>Matthew Fredrickson
>Digium, Inc.

Hi Mathew
How we can follow progress of your coding in more detail ?



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