[asterisk-ss7] Two MAC's Coming Up As Same Extension

Kemp, Larry Larry.Kemp at usmetrotel.com
Thu Dec 17 16:06:42 CST 2009

I have built an Asterisk switch on a CentOS box. It runs IP Tables, Apache, DHCP and TFTPD. I have this device serve as my firewall between my closed LAN and the Internet. I have two Cisco 7940G phones that I want to setup on my LAN. One for extension 6000 and one for extension 6001. I created a DHCP range that is working through Using the Asterisk GUI I build the users in Asterisk to use the MAC of each of the phones for the extension that I want each to use. Both phones come up as extension 6001 though. I checked the MAC addresses in Asterisk and the SIPXXXXXXXXXXXX.cnf files for each of my phones in my /tftpboot directory on the server. I have also factory reset the phone and restarted Asterisk and the CentOS server too. I am at a loss to figure out why both phones continue to come up as ext 6001. I even deleted extension 6000 in Asterisk and built extension 6002 to the MAC of the second phone that was coming up erroneously as the second 6001 phone. Only one phone shows “1 Voice Message” on the LCD, the one that I set the MAC to be extension 6001 in Asterisk.

Please let me know if you can help me sort this out.

Larry Kemp
Network Systems Engineer
U.S. Metropolitan Telecom, LLC
Bonita Springs FL USA
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