[asterisk-ss7] Sangoma A104DE + Dahdi + libss7 + Asterisk -KERNEL PANIC

Domjan Attila adomjan at tvnet.hu
Sat Aug 8 03:23:56 CDT 2009

Please report the bug with screenshots to the Sangoma!
I've already done, if they get more bugreport from this bug they may
will fix it earlier.

On Sat, 2009-08-08 at 02:51 -0500, research at businesstz.com wrote:
> > the v37 is for the A108 cards, for A102 the latest is the v34 and also
> > contains this fix. the firmwares are in the wanpipe and/or
> > ftp://ftp.sangoma.com/firmware
> I have installed the latest version for A104DE (v.35). I will try to cause
> the panic again and advice
> > Last night I made another probe (A108D V37 firmware, dahdi-,
> > wanpipe-3.4.4), the kernel panic came after the first ANM, so reverted
> > back to 3.4.1.
> My configs uses wanpipe 3.5. For some reason sangoma recommend 3.4.4 vs
> 3.4.1 but for me all of them are problematic. Let me see if it works after
> this upgrade. Send me you email please so that i can wire you the
> screenshot of these two panics
> Sam
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