[asterisk-ss7] chan_ss7 Dead Air for ~20% of the calls

Anton anton.vazir at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 02:15:58 CDT 2008

I have to note that a while ago one edge of the problem was 
in IAX connections between systems - so IAX was giving 
oneway for a certin amount of calls - and switching to SIP 
resoved it - but now it might be just chan_ss7 related.

On Wednesday 17 September 2008 21:43, Antoine Megalla wrote:
> Hello,
> I have an Asterisk SS7 installation used for a prepaid
> card application. Everything is sort of working fine, but
> I have a nagging problem: 
> for almost 20% of the calls the callers who dial in on
> the SS7 lines are getting dead air, they cannot hear the
> IVR prompts, no audio can be heard on the line howerver
> if I enter the DTMF digits, the menus continue, but still
> no audio in any IVR menu, for the other 80% of the calls
> the system is working fine. 
> The setting is as follows:
> Asterisk-1.2.24
> asterisk-addons-1.2.7
> Zaptel-
> libpri-1.2.5
> chan_ss7-1.0.9
> Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5
> kernel 2.6.18-8.el5xen
> Digium TE410 card
> 4 E1s are used, first E1 carries the signalling channel
> on TS 16 
> I am not sure if this linked to chan_ss7 or zaptel, I
> have no way for testing this, and everything looks good
> on the console, no problems are reported. 
> I would appreciate it if anyone can point me in the right
> direction for solving such a nagging problem. 
> Thank you and best regards,
> Antoine Megalla.
> SAND (S.A.E)
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