[asterisk-ss7] pointcode high bits cut off

Kaloyan Kovachev kkovachev at varna.net
Tue Nov 25 10:17:07 CST 2008

 while testing ss7 - setting the pointcodes to 1000000 and respectively
1000001 on both sides of a ss7 link i got the folowing error message:
 ERROR[1919]: chan_dahdi.c:10062 dahdi_ss7_error: Received message destined
for point code 0x240 but we're 0xf4240.  Dropping

 it looks like the high bits are not sent properly ?!? 1000001 is less than
24bits so it is a correct point code, but on the receiving side the high bits
are cut off.

 few questions while looking at the code (ss7_internal.h) the number of ss7
links is limited to 4 - is there a specific reason for this limit?
 and the second one - ISUP_L1PROT_G711ULAW 0x02 is defined (couldn't find
where it is used), but there is no G711ALAW definition, does it mean it can't
be used?

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