[asterisk-ss7] SMS,MMS, SS7

Anders Baekgaard ab at dicea.dk
Mon Nov 10 08:05:52 CST 2008

Our SMS solution has just been implemented, but was published a bit too early 
on our web page, because it is still lacking a proper technical description, 
which I'm still preparing.

To give a brief technical description, there is a standalone service that 
implements the SCCP/TCAP stack. You use this service in your application 
program (the SMSC) to send/receive MAP PDUs using TCP/IP. The SMSC 
encodes/decodes the MAP PDU necessary for SMS delivery. The SCCP/TCAP service 
in turn sends/receives SCCP PDUs to an M3UA (MTP3 user adaptation layer) SG 
(signaling gateway).

M3UA is SIGTRAN protocol, an IP based protocol for routing user parts (SCCP, 
ISUP).  Our solution currently uses TCP/IP instead of SCTP/IP. Because the 
SCCP/TCAP stack service uses IP interfaces, the implementation it is 
completely isolated. In principle, if your telecom provides SIGTRAN M3UA you 
can connect using this, but this is not yet tested in our solution, and will 
probably not just work.

An M3UA SG in turn sends/receives SCCP and ISUP messages using MTP over E1 
signaling channels.

We have developed a very rudimentary standalone M3UA SG.  The current version 
uses the mtp3d from chan_ss7. This comes with GPL license.

To handle USSD is similar to SMS. In your case, where you have a service 
implemented in Java, the architecture must be enhanced. A solution would be to 
create a standalone MAP service to which to send/receive USSD data using 
TCP/IP. The MAP server in turn uses the SCCP/TCAP service.

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On Monday 10 November 2008 07:49:48 Suhaib Mehyar wrote:
> thanks sir,,
> for sure i have my own services using oracle and java, i need my gateway to
> send them away as ussd messages i already have ss7 connection with an
> operator. can u help please?.
> thanks in advance.
> From: ab at dicea.dkTo: asterisk-ss7 at lists.digium.comSubject: Re:
> [asterisk-ss7] SMS,MMS, SS7 and wrong approach toDate: Sun, 9 Nov 2008
> 11:01:53 +0100CC: suhib88 at hotmail.com
> The current version does not yet support USSD, this will in the future
> version. Our MAP stack implementation does not yet have USSD PDUs.
> Best regards,

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