[asterisk-ss7] SMS,MMS, SS7 and wrong approach to

Anton anton.vazir at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 00:18:37 CST 2008

DICEA "supports" chan_ss7 in a very bad way. There is 
a "FIXED" version of it, and free version INTENTIONALLY 
filled and left with bugs in different places. One of 
the "intentional" bugs - accidental one way audio after a 
while if usage on certain CIC's , another - improper 
attaching to the /dev/zap and improper asiggn of the 
variable value in case of someone would want to use zaptel 
new style zap addressing (though very simple for anyone 
with basic C knowledge to fix, patch was provide in the 
list a long ago) - so it becomes clear that that pieces of 
code were left intentionally wrong to keep certain number 
of users out from the functionality they need, and trying 
to force them for commercial support (for changing those 2 
lines of code they asked me for ~2000Euro for human labour)
I did not do detail analysis of the code, but since there 
are already such an approach - I afraid there is more black 
holes and undiscovered bugs. Instead of making profit on 
proper support of the users, they prefer to release broken 
version and make money on those who tired from bugs, they 
discover while using, and leave the code intentionally not 

It's already questionable if DICEA doing this legally 
correct: this may be only legally correct if they got 
(purchased or whatever) from SIFIRA, otherwise they even 
break GPL. Further more, they use parts of ZAPTEL code 
(echo cancel, jitter and maybe something else) - 
considering this - it's clear GPL breakage - in the view of 
releasing "closed" version of chan_ss7.
Would be good to see their response on the said above, but 
in fact they very rarely respond at all, even concerning 
discovered bugs - since they do not intend to fix them.

The best way would be to fully switch to libss7, and improve 
it to add missing functionality. I personally now testing 
libss7 and if satisfied with stability and performance will 
switch all my links over to it form chan_ss7


From DICEA site:

chan_ss7 premium

Dicea offers a premium version of chan_ss7 that include 
commercial support. This version differs from the free 
download version by having a large number of stability 
fixes and enhancements


    * Compatible with Asterisk 1.2.x and 1.4.x
    * Compatible with Dahdi
    * Compatible with Ubuntu/Debian/Redhat/Fedora/Mandriva 
32 and 64 bit versions
    * Supports clusters with more than 4 E1s
    * Supports multiple signalling links
    * Supports load sharing across linksets
    * Supports STP signalling

On Thursday 06 November 2008 19:40, Krzysztof Drewicz wrote:
> 2008/11/6 Steve Kennedy <steve-asterisk at gbnet.net>
> > >    how can chan_ss7 be used for sending SMS or MMS,
> > > is this doable? Thanks in advance.
> >
> > Someone needs to port the MAP protocol stack and other
> > bits.
> I Think that Dicea has done it, only it's not
> opensource/not free:
> http://www.dicea.dk/company/app_sms_ss7
> kd,

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