[asterisk-ss7] ss7 installation issue

Suhaib Mehyar suhib88 at hotmail.com
Mon May 26 07:23:01 CDT 2008

kindly i installed asterisk-1.4.6,zaptel-1.4.3,libpri-1.4.0,chan_ss7-0.9.
after finished the installation i tried  
localhost*CLI> load chan_ss7.so [May 26 15:02:50] WARNING[13569]: loader.c:373 load_dynamic_module: Module 'chan_ss7.so' did not register itself during load[May 26 15:02:50] WARNING[13569]: loader.c:637 load_resource: Module 'chan_ss7.so' could not be loaded.
but always getting the error specified above, can anyone help plz.
one more question how can i determine if the E'1 is up physiaclly or not plz?
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