[asterisk-ss7] CPG/ACM

asterisk at nicox.org asterisk at nicox.org
Mon Mar 10 06:18:02 CDT 2008


I'm using the libss7 with svn-version 98 and have a bit problem with 
dialing some numbers.

The Problem: If i dial to a fi8xed network number and the carrier gives 
back a ACM asterisk does not send a Alerting to the connected E1/PRI, If i 
get a CPG from the carrier, anything is fine.
in SS7-Documentations i see that CGP and ACM is a Alerting and means not 
correct the same, but both means  that the dialed side is ringing.

Does anybody have the same problem, or any idea for a patch, or is this 
patched in a newer version of libss7?

thanks a lot


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