[asterisk-ss7] [patch] H324M video calls with chan_ss7 (it works)

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Wed Mar 5 12:31:57 CST 2008


I managed to make 3G video calls over a SS7 link (Asterisk + SS7 link 
kindly provided by first-telecom.de).

Attached is a patch for chan_ss7 1.0.0 which add support for h324m video 
calls (@Anders: this patch also includes the patches I already sent to 

At the moment the patch is not cleaned (lots of comments and loggin), 
this can be cleaned up when people report their experiences.

The usage is rather simple:

1. Patch chan_ss7

2. set the variable ISDN_H324M (details in file ASTERISK_VARIABLES), e.g:

                exten => _videoX.,1,h324m_call(${EXTEN}@tomobile)
                exten => _videoX.,1,Set(CALLERID(num)=0043123456)
                exten => _videoX.,n,Set(__ISDN_H324M=USI+LLC)
                exten => _videoX.,n,Dial(ss7/siuc/${EXTEN:5}|90|)

3. use Asterisk >=1.4.17

4. user files from sip.fontventa.com with revision >= 212

5. edit app_h324m.c:

-   pseudo = ast_request("Local", AST_FORMAT_ALAW | AST_FORMAT_ULAW, 
data, &reason);
+   pseudo = ast_request("Local", AST_FORMAT_ALAW, data, &reason);

6. have fun and report issues to me/mailing list


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