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Hi Sir,

On number 2, if the asterisk machine has ss7 support do i still need PGW2200 to send/receive call voa AS5400 with 4xE1 SS7.


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Hi Nhadie,


If the SS7 signalling is coming from Telco in the TDM timeslots, I will do one of  two ways.


1. Configure AS5400's E1 trunks for either R2 or PRI and connect  third party R2 to SS7 or PRI to SS7 converter.


2. Create a SIP trunk from AS5400 to the Asterisk machine with SS7. Calls from VoIP ( SIP/H323 ) network comes to AS5400  and AS5400 then routes it to Asterisk over this SIP trunk. Asterisk sends to PSTN. Calls coming from PSTN, Asterisk routes it to AS5400. 



Be careful, if you need to support fax or modem over ip as I have not checked them for option 2.



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hi sir,

thanks for your reply. does that mean i need to buy E1 card? is it not possible to use it with AS5400  coz they already have it? or does chan_ss7 or libss7 need the E1 card? if E1 card is needed, and i bought 1, can i use that asterisk as a replacement for PGW2200 on handling  the SS7 signal?


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Nhadie Ramos schrieb:
> Hi Guys,
> Sorry i'm new to SS7 i hope i won't annoy anyone with
 my question:
> I'm building a Asterisk PBX for a client, they have an AS5400 with
> 4xE1 SS7 link.  based on reading  i learned that it requires PGW2200,
> which is quite pricy, is there a way i can use asterisk in place of
> PGW2200 using chan_ss7 or libss7? or is there an opensource
> alternative for PGW2200?

You can use Asterisk for SS7 - but then you do not need the AS5400 anymore.


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