[asterisk-ss7] SS7 on AS5400

Nhadie Ramos nhadie.ramos at yahoo.com
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Hi Sir,

my plan is on the asterisk use AS5400 as a SIP trunk.

E1(SS7) connected to AS5400 via E1 controller then AS5400 will talk to asterisk via SIP.

basically the requirement is, i can use AS5400 as a SIP trunk, without using PGW2200 (i think this is pricy stuff).

so if i have ss7 support on asterisk, can i already send/receive calls to/from the AS5400 with E1 SS7 without using PGW2200?


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2008/6/27 Nhadie Ramos <nhadie.ramos at yahoo.com>:

hi sir,

thanks for your reply. does that mean i need to buy E1 card? is it not possible to use it with AS5400  coz they already have it? or does chan_ss7 or libss7 need the E1 card? if E1 card is needed, and i bought 1, can i use that asterisk as a replacement for PGW2200 on handling  the SS7 signal?

The client has sth like this:

ss7 cloud = cisco AS5400 --- > where it goes here? what kind of connecion? ip? PRI?
ss7 cloud = cisco AS5400

so if U have a 4 links from Telco and you have a Cisco as talking the language of ss7, then you need something to connect this to Asterisk. If i don't get it wrong then you should use a SIP trunk or E1 card with DSS-1 (PRA/PRI) to connect to AS5400.

OR if the customer has a AS5400 but not using it, then you could use a Asterisk with 4 port card (or 4 asterisk boxes with 1 port/1card each one and do a redundant config) and use a Asterisk box to speek ss7 to telco.

Don't know what you try to accomplish.

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