[asterisk-ss7] libss7 - Possible dup - sorry

Tom Chandler tchandle at eastex.net
Sat Jun 14 12:46:35 CDT 2008

Resend, did not see 1st time onlist.......

I have installed libss7 on two asterisk machines.  I have connected them with

A T1 crossover cable.  I am able to send /receive calls in both direction over

This setup.


Couple of questions.


In the libss7 README file it states that  Carrier identification parameter

Has been implemented, but not configurable.  Where may I find this



Is the Carrier identification parameter displayed on the debug screen?


Could a feature like the DUMP command(on chan_ss7) be programmed.

This would allow the raw msu's to be dumped to a file for later use

(ie. CABS billing).


So far it looks good, just really getting started.


Thank You

Tom C.
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