[asterisk-ss7] Two signaling links same linkset - SLS problem

Daniel Bichara daniel at bichara.com.br
Mon Jan 21 14:43:06 CST 2008


Running 2 signaling links on the same linkset connected to different DPC
produces wrong SLS on STD_TEST and second link did not align:

                  - Port#1 (PC 1000) <- (quasi-associated) -> SPS 1201 
asterisk (PC 333) -+
                  - Port#2 (PC 2000) <- (quasi-associated) -> SPS 1202

SPS 1201 and 1202 are quasi-associated mode SPS. Signaling channels are
on channel 16 on link #1 and #2. SPS 1201 and 1202 are adjacent PC.

During alignment tests, asterisk sends MSU message (STD_TEST) with SLS=1
to PC 1202. Although, to this PC, SLS should be zero (the same as 1201)
because they are running different PCs.

If we run second PC as a different linkset (linkset #2), everything goes
fine but we can not start calls on CICs from the other link.

We are patching libss7 and chan_zap to relate CIC's (PVTs) to the OPC
(333 this case) and not to the linkset. This way, the 2 different
linksets can communicate to the CIC on both links because they run same
OPC (333).

Any comment or feedback is appreciated.



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