[asterisk-ss7] How to configure chan_ss7 to use a STP

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Sat Feb 9 15:15:39 CST 2008

If you have time to test with libss7, its still based on zap/*/ trunks.
Might not be the best to use in a
production env. if you are not ready to put in some work.

On Feb 9, 2008 7:59 PM, Grant Arix <arix2dx2 at yahoo.fr> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I would like to thank everybody for your responses. In fact the MSC i want
> to connect is Ericsson MSC server and Media gateway (MGW).
> THey give two points codes (One for the MGW and the other for MSC
> serveur).
> And when i put the MGW point code in the field dpc, the two E1 link are
> UP. but afterward i got this message " Got ISUP message from unconfigured
> PC=XX ...."
> And the PC indicate is the MSC server one. But when i change, i mean i put
> the MSC server point code in  the DPC, the two link are down.
> I ever connect chan_ss7 with the old Ericson switch and it work fine.
> May be chan_ss7 can't connect that kind of MSC for now. If is the case ,
> how can i get connected to this MSC.
> Thank you.
> French version of the above.
> *********************************************************************
> Bonjour tout le monde,
> J'essai de connecter mon server a un Switch Ericson MSS MGW. Donc
> l'operateur m'a donné deux points codes ( celui de la Media gateway (MGW) et
> l'autre pour le MSC).
> Mais en fait quand je mets le point code de la MGW dans le champs DPC, les
> deux liens E1 sont UP. Mais je recoit un message sur la console d'asterisk
> me disant ceci "I got ISUP message from unconfigured PC=XXX.....)
> et le Point codes indiqué est celui du MSC. Donc je pense que ce genre de
> connexion n'est pas possible presentement avec ce type d'MSC. Donc c'est le
> cas, est ce possible de se connecter d'une autre maniere ?
> Je precise que j'ai deja configuré un server Asterisk avec un ancien
> switch  Ericson et ca marche bien.
> Merci
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