[asterisk-ss7] VÁ: Understanding libss7 code

adomjan at tvnet.hu adomjan at tvnet.hu
Thu Dec 18 02:02:08 CST 2008

The code is very readable, I red the all :)
where is in the itu/ansi standard that we have to do it?

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Tárgy:	[asterisk-ss7] Understanding libss7 code
Feladó:	Rana Dhekial <dhekial at msn.com>
Dátum:		2008.12.18. 01:27

Hi Matthew,
Can you point me to some documentations to understand the libss7 source code and how  it is linked with Asterisk? I have been struggling to modify your code to send ISUP_RELEASE on  getting CPG with user busy from PSTN but has been successful yet.

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