[asterisk-ss7] asterisk trunk & sangoma

Rony Ron upcomingbiz at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 23:56:59 CDT 2008

Hello list,
i wanted to setup a small asterisk+ss7 lab this weekend and just installed
asterisk-trunk+ dahdi-complete+libss7+libpri
i had only a sangoma A101 card so i used it and 48h after i'm still
unable to make the card work in that config.

i tried to patch the sangoma drivers thinking that it was just a
matter of find_replace(zaptel BY dahdi) but i discovered that i should
also do a find_replace(zt_ BY dahdi_) and also
find_replace(INSTALL_DIR/kernel BY
INSTALL_DIR/kernel/include/drivers/dahdi) after all that the sangoma
drivers still fails to install due to some declaration that are in the
zaptel.h and not in the file  /include/drivers/dahdi/user.h ... THE
END of tries i give up and go to bed !

Anyone know about any patch of sangoma drivers that support directly dahdi ?

--> Your next Partner !

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