[asterisk-ss7] Libss7 Status Update

Matthew Fredrickson creslin at digium.com
Tue Aug 12 12:37:05 CDT 2008

Hey all,

It's that time again, time for a news/status update for what's going on 
with libss7.

1.0.0 Release:
First of all, to let everyone know, we had a 1.0.0 release of libss7 a 
few weeks ago (and recently a 1.0.1 as well), so that's a good thing.  I 
also would like to thank all of you that have had issues that have come 
to me with them.  Because of one person on this list in particular, I 
think we have eliminating all the remaining critical bugs in libss7 that 
were causing crash related problems (under particular circumstances).

Astricon 2008:
For all of you that did not see my post about it earlier, I would love 
to see as many of you as can show up at Astricon this year (end of 
September).  Like I mentioned, I'm going to be giving a talk about 
Asterisk and SS7.  I'm planning on discussing basic configuration setup, 
common configuration problems that people run into and debugging 
techniques which can be used, as well as advanced topics such as the 
current "state of the art" with where libss7 is and some potential 
directions for future development with Asterisk and SS7.

Also, I would like to (if there is enough interest) try to get together 
with some of you sometime that week to talk about the status of Asterisk 
and SS7 and what kinds of things that we can improve upon and work on in 
the future.

Confidence Boosters:
There are some very good and very interesting things that have been 
happening.  If any of you know Joseph on this list, he works for a 
mobile phone company in Kentucky.  He is using Asterisk with libss7 to 
provide voicemail services to his mobile subscribers.

He has quite a good setup for helping me find issues, and is also a good 
indicator for how well libss7 is doing stability and scalability wise. 
Well the news is that running a current version of libss7/Asterisk-1.6.0 
branch he has been running a load over 100,000 calls per day for close 
to a month, with no link related stability problems and no Asterisk issues.

I have heard much positive feedback from many of you about the more 
recent versions of libss7/Asterisk-1.6.0.  If there are any of you out 
there with a setup that you would like to share about (especially if you 
think your setup is unusual in any way, whether it be high number of 
T1/E1s or high volume of call traffic) I personally would be very 
interested in hearing about them, publicly or privately if you do not 
feel you can disclose it to the list.

New Features and Changes:
- Aside from the few outstanding bugs that were fixed, there is not much 
to talk about.  We are getting quite a robust set of supported messages 
and parameters, which is making this section less prone to change. :-)

As always, any of you have any questions or concern, please let me know. 
  You can get in contact with me with my contact information below.

Matthew Fredrickson
Software/Firmware Engineer
Digium, Inc.

AIM MatthewFredricks
MSN creslin287 at hotmail.com
IRC Cresl1n on irc.freenode.net (though I'm on less often than I used to be)
Jabber: creslin at digium.com

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