[asterisk-ss7] information request

olivier taylor olivier at sunforyou.be
Mon Apr 21 04:58:37 CDT 2008

well, ok,

I did post noob questions on the list(with no answers...)
In fact, it's quite impossible to find explanation on how SS7 works on 
the net, all the informations are related to experts, no informations 
about the basics of SS7.

It seems I have understood how it works now, hundred of successfull 
calls for now.

Using lib-SS7, I still have some information messages like :

Unhandled optional parameter 0x2e 'Unknown'
[0x0 ]
Unhandled optional parameter 0x7a 'Unknown'
[0x0 ]
Unhandled optional parameter 0x39 'Parameter Compatibility Information'
[0x2e 0xc0 0x7a 0xc0 ]
 and so on

Does it means that just SS7 is unable to handle these parameters?
Or are they messages coming from Axe10 gateway?



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