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Jorge Churio jorge.churio at globant.com
Sat Sep 29 14:34:47 CDT 2007

Dear TT,

Telco bypass means a way traffic is transported avoiding telco networks 
using instead IP over broadband links.
It is not directly related to the protocol you use to interface with 
PSTN but with the fact that making interconnections with telcos in each 
end of the road, you avoid passing thru Telco's TDM infraestrucure and 
hence paying them the "toll" for long distance charges.
Actually, you can use SS7, ISDN, or other protocols to interact with Telcos.

About feasibility, it depends of how the telecom market is regulated in 
each country, in some places Government regulators forbide  any bypass, 
in others (like most of America´s countries, for instance) if you make 
the bypass for your internal usage (among branches of the company, not 
involving usage of telephone networks in any side) you can do it, in 
thos elast cases, if you owns the bypass network and wants to resell 
this service for customers (as calling card oerator does, for instance) 
you need a Telecom Licence, which is easy or difficult to get depending 
each country.

By the way, I also have Russel´s book and I really recommend it for a 
deeper understanding of SS7,  we use in our Company to make an 
ITU-compliant SS7 stack for Asterisk, but if you are studying the how 
the bypass works, I would recommend you some more general reading such 
as Voip Fundamentals from Cisco Press (specially the first chapters) or 
many others around.


Jorge Churio
Fonalix by BGH

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> greetings ss7 users,
> question(s): can anyone on this list refer me to articles or feasibility
> studies on the use of SS7 products that enable organizations
> (medium-to-large companies, colleges, small villages and other
> municipalities) to connect their voip networks directly to the PSTN
> without having to be telco customer? I've heard that telco bypass is done
> in countries outside the US. Is there a technical or legal reason for
> that? Can it be done in the US? Which products from companies like digium
> and sangoma enable telco bypass, and what general architectures are these
> products found in?
> background: i'm preparing a feasibility study on telco bypass. i'm
> studying two books: travis russell's "Signaling System #7" and Frank
> Ohrtman's "Softswitch: Architecture for VoIP". besides being a solution to
> insomnia (the reading is so intense it tends to make one fall asleep!),
> these books have opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. but what is
> possible is not always feasible, so i'm posting to this list.
> -- TIA, TT
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