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I'm sorry, but have got to be way more detailed on what exactly you are trying to do here on this list.  It's not all about happy endings, but you need to give way more details... slow down and get it step by step what you are requesting, we can't assume if we are to help.

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i need to transfer the massage via tcp/ip network ,,,, or other way what is the way to get massage to mobile phon by using ss7

Indeed-yes, so let's try to give a useful response: are you talking perhaps of sending a text message (such as SMS or USSD) to a mobile phone, which requires MAP and TCAP, (not supported by the two open stacks), or are you talking about some other SS7 message?
Or perhaps if you're not interested in interfacing to a telecommunications network, and merely want to pass messages between Linux computers on a TCP/IP network, perhaps you're on the wrong mailing list?


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What you actually need to know is how to transfer a message.....

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I need only to know how to transfer massage via linux network,,,,


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