[asterisk-ss7] chan_ss7 on x86_64 Bits

Robert Kenton robert.kenton at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 15:18:05 CDT 2007

Hi guys,
    Have somebody installed chan_ss7 on a x86_64 bits server ?

I have installed chan_ss7 on two x86_64 Bits servers (by modifying the
makefile) and installed with asterisk- on both.

I'm using a SIP client from one side in order to make calls to an internal
extension that forward the call by a Dial app to the remote asterisk server
through the E1s. The remote asterisk receive the call and answer it, on the
sip client, the sound is heard little robotic.

Does, somebody know the cause the sound may be robotic ?
Calling from the sip client to an internal extension that execute a Playback
of a song, it's fine, (No robotic audio) so, the problem might be in the
chan_ss7 driver.

Is there a special thing to take into account to use the channel driver on a
x86_64 bits ? maybe the read and write audio part ?

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