[asterisk-ss7] Internal protocol analyzer

Kristian Nielsen knielsen at mysql.com
Wed Sep 26 03:21:06 CDT 2007

"Tim Danner" <tdanner at pacwest.com> writes:

> Do you know if libss7 has the same capabilities?  But let's say we use these SS7/ISDN capable cards as a SS7 or ISDN protocol analyzer, no such development work there?  Digium, Sangoma?
> Why ask for two or more, when you can try and get it all in one.
> But this is also good to know about Wireshark.

I don't know about libss7.

But the implementation I did in chan_ss7 was trivial, the code just output all
bytes read/written in hex in a text file (maybe nowadays it's even capable of
tcap output? That would also be really easy to add).

Everything else is already in Wireshark, it understands all of the relevant
SS7 protocols, AFAIK.

Not 100% sure what you mean by "protocol analyzer", maybe you wanted to dump
the packets without terminating it into Asterisk? I think just a simple C
program on a two-port card could do that, it would forward all input on one
port onto the other (and vice versa), while dumping everything read into a
file or pipe for Wireshark.

But I've never used an SS7 protocol analyzer, so I may be totally wrong...

 - Kristian.

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