[asterisk-ss7] libss7 support in latest 1.2.x release

Andrea Cristofanini -- [GedamEurope] andrea at gedameurope.com
Fri Sep 21 11:47:23 CDT 2007

Matthew Fredrickson ha scritto:
> Scott Gollnitz wrote:
>> Has anyone been able to get libss7 recognized in the latest 1.2.x release?
>> If so, how is this possible?
> libss7 only works in Asterisk trunk right now (1.2.x probably won't ever 
> work, unless somebody backports it).
so this is not true ?

The chan_ss7 code was developed by Sifira A/S <http://www.sifira.dk/> 
for internal use, but it is being released as GPL in the hope that 
others will benefit from it and will want to contribute to the further 
development of the code.

The source code may be downloaded from this download page 
<http://www.sifira.dk/chan-ss7/>. It compiles against a recent Asterisk 
CVS HEAD (v1-2-0-beta1 works fine).

Cheers Andrea
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