[asterisk-ss7] echo cancellation in chan_ss7

Zouhair Echchelh zouhair at option-service.fr
Tue Sep 11 04:56:11 CDT 2007


We had also the echo problem, but when we try to put the echocancellation
option, we observe rebootic voice in some call, and don't know if this is
related to the echoconcellation option or this is due to the echocan_train
and echocan_taps parameters.

I need to know if there are some other tunning options.



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Yes, you can enable echo cancellation in chan_ss7.

For a link, you can specify for example:


; Echo cancellation
; echocancel can be one of: no, 31speech (enable only when transmission
is 3.1Khz speech), always
echocancel => 31speech
; echocan_train specifies training period, between 10 to 100 msec
echocan_train => 100
; echocan_taps specifies number of taps, 32, 64, 128 or 256
echocan_taps => 128

Best regards
Anders Baekgaard

On Thursday 22 March 2007 07:53, Vernier Umali wrote:
> I have an asterisk box connected for sometime now to an ss7 network.
> One of the issues I have sometimes is echo. Is there a way to enable
> echocancellation in chan_ss7? I'm using chan_ss7 0.90 and asterisk
> 1.2.17. Thanks
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