[asterisk-ss7] dedicated channel for signaling

marek cervenka cervajs at fpf.slu.cz
Fri Oct 26 10:18:43 CDT 2007

> Yes, this is basically correct.
>> From the start, chan_ss7 was designed for full support of MTP3 failover and
> fault tolerance. Thus the purpose of implementing clustering was primarily to
> enable the setup of a system with no single point of failure. So cable
> failure, host crash, or even a dead network switch will not lead to any
> downtime (except loosing a few existing calls currently running on affected
> curcuits).
> Thus, while the basic facilities are there for routing the signalling across
> the interconnect, it was never intended for a setup with only one signalling
> link, so currently that may not work very well.
> I would also think that with ~900 phone lines, you _would_ want some kind of
> redundancy? Otherwise just the need to switch cabling or reboot the host
> carrying the link will take down _all_ 900 lines! With two links, one on each
> host, you can just set the lines on one host to maintenance mode, wait for
> existing calls to end, then reboot/recable/whatever with no noticable effect
> on users. This also holds true for the other end, who might assume this
> functionality (as it is a mandatory part of the SS7 specs).
> Also, I think the clustering still only supports two hosts. So you could put 4
> quad-span cards into each server (4 PCI slots should be possible I guess), but
> I don't know if/how Asterisk will handle that many simultaneous lines.
> Maybe if the SS7 boxes do nothing but route over IAX to a larger number of
> Asterisks that do the real work (transcoding, SIP, DB auth, whatever) it would
> increase the chance of Asterisk being able to cope with 450 lines? But that is
> just speculation on my part.

it's possible to merge this into digium's libSS7 ? (are you willing to 
sign disclaimer for digium?)

chan_ss7 is not developed anymore from your move from sifira to mysql i 

Marek Cervenka

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