[asterisk-ss7] didicated channel for signaling

Mostafa Ibrahim mostafa.ibrahim at valuesys.net
Thu Oct 25 23:03:17 CDT 2007

I found that chan_ss7 has some clustering support starting from version
0.8. This is the feature as mentioned in the read me file "Supports
multiple hosts (cluster) configuration with load sharing and failover".
Which is exactly what I need. Has anyone tested this configuration. 

What I understood from the configuration templates included with the
source code that the interconnect will not only be used for keep alive
"heart beats" it will also carry the signaling between the nodes which
means that the signaling might terminate on one host and be used on an
other node passing through the interconnect which is the perfect
solution to my problem. 

On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 11:03 -0500, Matthew Fredrickson wrote:

> telecomtom at vedatel.com wrote:
> > creslin order-master wrote:
> >> Mostafa Ibrahim wrote:
> >>> Dear All,
> >>>
> >>> Sorry. The previous question was not accurate.
> >>>
> >>> I am using libss7. We have passed the initial tests with the ss7
> >>> providers successfully with one ss7 link. we are having a much more
> >>> bigger deployment.
> >>>
> >>> If I have ss7 on 30 E1 link distributed on more than one machine and the
> >>> provider is sending the ss7 signaling only one of these E1 links. Can we
> >>> have a solution for such deployment with asterisk and any ss7
> >>> implementation ?
> >> Right now, it is not possible.  It is something I would like to do, but
> >> at the moment you have to terminate all bearer traffic in the same box
> >> you terminate your signalling link.
> > 
> > mostafa & matt: i'd like to make sure i'm following this: you have 30 x E1
> > lines/links, right? each E1 has 32 x DS0 time slots or channels. each DS0
> > is 64 kbps. on each E1, one DS0 is used for framing, leaving 30 x DS0 for
> > data/bearer use and 1 x DS0 for signaling. since only one DS0 channel on
> > one E1 is sufficient to handle the SS7 signaling for all the E1 lines, you
> > can actually have 31 x DS0 bearer channels on all but one link/line
> > (provided that the carrier is willing to do that). the total bearer load
> > would then be (29 x 31 x 64kbps) + (1 x 30 x 64kbps), which is 57536 kbps
> > + 1920 kbps = 59456 kpbs. (please correct if i miscalculated.)
> > 
> > or you might mean that you have one E1 line/link, in which case you have
> > one time slot for framing, one signaling channel for SS7, and 30 x DS0
> > bearer channels.
> > 
> > or maybe there's some other configuration that you're talking about?
> I would presume that his configuration corresponds somewhat to your 
> calculation, but I am not quite sure what you are trying to ask here in 
> doing this.

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