[asterisk-ss7] didicated channel for signaling

telecomtom at vedatel.com telecomtom at vedatel.com
Tue Oct 23 14:52:05 CDT 2007

creslin order-master wrote:
> Mostafa Ibrahim wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Sorry. The previous question was not accurate.
>> I am using libss7. We have passed the initial tests with the ss7
>> providers successfully with one ss7 link. we are having a much more
>> bigger deployment.
>> If I have ss7 on 30 E1 link distributed on more than one machine and the
>> provider is sending the ss7 signaling only one of these E1 links. Can we
>> have a solution for such deployment with asterisk and any ss7
>> implementation ?
> Right now, it is not possible.  It is something I would like to do, but
> at the moment you have to terminate all bearer traffic in the same box
> you terminate your signalling link.

mostafa & matt: i'd like to make sure i'm following this: you have 30 x E1
lines/links, right? each E1 has 32 x DS0 time slots or channels. each DS0
is 64 kbps. on each E1, one DS0 is used for framing, leaving 30 x DS0 for
data/bearer use and 1 x DS0 for signaling. since only one DS0 channel on
one E1 is sufficient to handle the SS7 signaling for all the E1 lines, you
can actually have 31 x DS0 bearer channels on all but one link/line
(provided that the carrier is willing to do that). the total bearer load
would then be (29 x 31 x 64kbps) + (1 x 30 x 64kbps), which is 57536 kbps
+ 1920 kbps = 59456 kpbs. (please correct if i miscalculated.)

or you might mean that you have one E1 line/link, in which case you have
one time slot for framing, one signaling channel for SS7, and 30 x DS0
bearer channels.

or maybe there's some other configuration that you're talking about?

-- TT

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