[asterisk-ss7] didicated channel for signaling

Mostafa Ibrahim mostafa.ibrahim at valuesys.net
Sun Oct 21 11:10:38 CDT 2007

Dear All,

Sorry. The previous question was not accurate.

I am using libss7. We have passed the initial tests with the ss7
providers successfully with one ss7 link. we are having a much more
bigger deployment.

If I have ss7 on 30 E1 link distributed on more than one machine and the
provider is sending the ss7 signaling only one of these E1 links. Can we
have a solution for such deployment with asterisk and any ss7
implementation ?

Any help will be appreciated
Mostafa Ibrahim 
Security Department Manager
website: http://www.valuesys.net 
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Email: mostafa.ibrahim at valuesys.net
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